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You can make a difference and help students go to college!

We now are accepting applications for Utah Scholars College Coaches.

Utah Scholars College Coaches make a difference in students’ lives by working directly with students at targeted high schools to help students increase their desire to go to college and learn about the college process. We place two College Coaches at each school to work directly with students either after school or during the school day (depending on the school site). The College Coaches’ “curriculum” includes hands-on games, videos, and computer time.

College Coaches work closely with the Utah Scholars administrative team, which started the program in 2014. Coaches work approximately 3-5 hours per week and will receive a $1,000 education award for the school year, paid in $500 increments at the end of each semester.

The Utah Scholars College Club/Coaches Program places current college students interested in helping high school students succeed in select Granite and Ogden School District schools. These volunteers work as academic coaches to their students, guiding and encouraging their success in school and beyond.

Coaches will:

  • recruit high school students,
  • work with the counseling staff at the high school;
  • facilitate club/class meetings;
  • help create and plan college-themed lessons and games;
  • present college-themed lessons to high school students.

The Utah Scholars Coaches curriculum teaches academic and non-cognitive skills and provides resources to facilitate college-readiness—academically, personally, and financially. Specifically, Coaches teach college readiness lessons to students who are not receiving help from other success initiatives. Students will learn about how college works, how to prepare for it, and how to pay for it.

One of the explicit goals of the program is to increase the number of students eligible to apply for the Regents’ Scholarship in 12th grade, so the program places special focus on the curriculum and required GPA of 3.0.

The Utah Scholars Initiative (USI) is a program of the Utah System of Higher Education that connects volunteers and schools to promote the benefits of going to college and motivates students to complete a college-preparatory curriculum while in high school to better prepare them for college and scholarships, particularly the state-wide Regents’ Scholarship.  Although originally designed as an 8th grade outreach, we have recently expanded into the high schools, to teach these students the benefits of going to college and how to navigate the process.



Utah Scholars Coaches will meet with students once a week and will meet with small groups of students, from 5-20 at a time. Most of the time, Coaches will work in pairs and will be “near peers”: college students who are close to the age of the high school students they are teaching. Coaches provide first-hand, recent information regarding the college application and financial aid processes, and the contemporary college student experience. Each club meeting lasts about 45 minutes and Coaches will meet with students after school or during the school’s “advisory” period, depending on the school site. The Utah Scholar Coach lessons include, but are not limited to:

  • Utah Scholars Curriculum
  • Paying for college
  • What is a major?
  • Creating a college schedule
  • Visiting a college campus
  • Study skills

The Utah Scholars Coaches lessons are based on best practices and current research regarding college readiness.



  • Facilitate club meetings;
  • Plan and present college-themed lessons;
  • Recruit high school students to the program;
  • Assist students applying to colleges;
  • Providing information on the Regents’ Scholarship;
  • Develop a mentor relationship with a strong academic component;
  • Mentor and help teach both academic and non-academic skills to help students get ready for college;
  • Work from a set curriculum for students, based on national standards for college readiness that includes academic, personal, and financial lessons;
  • Provide resources to students on Utah’s colleges, college readiness, and academic and financial preparation;
  • Help increase the number of students who enroll, access, and succeed in college;
  • Work with students who are not engaged by other success initiatives who can still go to college and succeed there;
  • Participate in staff meetings and attend mandatory trainings;
  • Track the number of students who started the education program;
  • Track the number of students who leave the education program;
  • Track activity and/or assignment completion;
  • Track participation and retention in classroom and/or activity;
  • Track the attendance in the classroom and/or activity;
  • Coaches may also accrue hours spent coaching students in the summer months via email and other electronic means.


  • Educational award of $1,000 at the end of your year of service;
  • A unique opportunity to encourage students to attend college and help them navigate the process;
  • Gain classroom and teaching experience;
  • Expand your resume and experience;
  • Accrue direct service hours for some graduation degree requirements.


  • Coaches should have an interest in helping students prepare for college.
  • Coaches must commitment to one full school year (Fall and Spring).
  • Coaches must be enrolled at one of the schools* listed below full-time.
  • Coaches must be at least 18 years old (there is no upper age limit).
  • Coaches must complete a background check.
  • Coaches must work as a valuable team member.
  • Coaches must report on classroom activities and time accrued each month.
  • Abide by all Utah System of Higher Education and rules, policies, and procedures.
  • Coaches must NOT be on the Registered Sex Offenders National List.
  • Coaches may NOT proselyte for religious or political affiliations while accruing hours.



  • Meet all the requirements to participate in Utah Scholars Coaches Program.
  • Submit a “Utah Scholars Coach” application, including resumé (located below).
  • Interview with the Utah Scholars Initiative staff.
  • Complete all requirements/forms to become a Utah Scholars Coach in a timely fashion.
  • Attend orientation.
  • School placement (the Utah Scholars staff will work with you to find the right school that works for your schedule and location).


Utah Scholars Coach Application



For more information contact Erika Norton, enorton@ushe.edu or 801-321-7133.



*Students wishing to be Utah Scholars Coaches must be enrolled at one of the following colleges/universities:

University of Utah

Utah State University

Weber State University

Southern Utah University

Snow College

Dixie State University

Utah Valley University

Salt Lake Community College

Brigham Young University

LDS Business College

Westminster College